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~ Purring would seem to be, in her case, an automatic safety-valve device for dealing with happiness overflow. ~ Monica Edwards, English writer

This collection of backgrounds is a joint effort between two friends separated  geographically but close every day by a special bond of the heart. Thank you, JuiceyKat for your creativity and wonderful ways with color. Make sure to visit JuiceyKat's web site. You won't be disappointed.

Please click on the thumbnail to view the backgrounds. Some sets are offered in several colors for you to choose from. Save the large background to your hard drive.
I have included a title graphic for your use on each page of backgrounds. Matching buttons, bars and title text are on most of the backgrounds along with a matching logo to link back to kitty wompuss graphics. Check back often!

FOR GOODNESS SAKES, please please PLEASE find a clear .gif or a spacer .gif or whatever you want to call it and learn how to use it with your border background. Windy's HTML Tips not only explains the theory of setting up border backgrounds, but also provides a spacer .gif for you to download. This process is absolutely ESSENTIAL so that your text won't run into your border on any browser.

Also, provide a link back to kittywompuss. You may use the graphic below or use the matching logos on each background set page. Save it to your hard drive and link the image back to
I would love to hear from you by e-mail so that I may start a page featuring those who have used my graphics. Hey, it's a free link!
Thank you.
~nose kisses~

Remember, download these images to your OWN computer! I will be changing the names of them often, and if you link directly, you will find yourself with a broken image.

"Cross Stitched Valentine Puss" (Tiled background)

"Angel Pussies" (Tiled background)

"Puss in a Basket" (Framed background)

"Daisy Chain" (Triple-bordered background)

"Comfy Puss" (Bordered background)

"Hurry, Spring" (Double-bordered tile)

"Miss Priss" (Tiled background)

missprisswelc2preview.jpg (6932 bytes)

"Queen Puss" (Bordered background)

queenpusswelcpreview.jpg (8173 bytes)

"Tux" (Double-bordered background)

tuxwelcpreview.jpg (10763 bytes)

"Country Puss" (Tiled background)

countrypusswelcpreview.jpg (10100 bytes)

"Fat Cat" (Tiled background)

fatcatheaderpreview.jpg (11066 bytes)

"Kitty Christmas" (Tiled background)

kittyxmaswelcpreview.jpg (16912 bytes)

"Tea Time" (Double-bordered Tile)

teatimepreview.jpg (25784 bytes)

" Art Kitties" (Designer Frame)

artkittiesframepreviewsmall.jpg (14100 bytes)

" Breakfast Kitty" (bordered or tiled)

breakfastkittywelcpreview.jpg (12263 bytes)

"Green-eyed Leopard" (double-bordered tile)

greeneyedleopardwelcpreview.jpg (6947 bytes)

"Kitty Wedding" (double-bordered tile)

kittyweddingwelcpreview.jpg (14552 bytes)

"Pansy Pussycats" (double-bordered tile)

pansypussieswelcpreview.jpg (11598 bytes)

"Tuxedo Hugs" (tiled)

tuxgirlwelcpreview.jpg (11708 bytes)

"Runs With Pussies" (tiled)

runswithwelcpreview.jpg (6799 bytes)

"Kitten In A Barrel" (tiled)

kittenbarrelwelcpreview.jpg (7380 bytes)

"Powder Puss" (double-bordered tile)

powderpusswelcpreview.jpg (9064 bytes)

"Can We Eat It?" (bordered or tiled)

canwewelcpreview.jpg (7355 bytes)

"Kitty School" (bordered or tiled)

kittyschoolwelcpreview.jpg (11778 bytes)

"Bedtime Kitty" (tiled)

bedtimepusswelcpreview.jpg (11785 bytes)

"Bathing Kitty" (tiled)

bathingpusswelcpreview.jpg (8458 bytes)

The "Triple Border" Collection

Ashley Kitties
pussyiesmaskedpreview.jpg (5408 bytes)

Ashley Kitties II
ashley2welcpreview.jpg (4639 bytes)

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